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What Is The Best Party Pontoon On The Gold Coast?

Hire The Best Party Pontoon

When people think of Party Pontoons, they often think of a small uncomforatable floating platform with a canvas sunshade.  Yes, they still exist unfortunately, but not all Party Pontoons are equal.  Lets look at what makes Gold Coast Party Pontoons vessels the best party pontoons on the Gold Coast.

Most Party Pontoons available for hire on the Gold Coast are standard production boats that can be purchased for around $30k.  They have limited amenities (some don't even have a toilet) and are open to the weather except for a canvas roof.  These vessels are 2.5 metres wide and are built for 8 to 12 people.

best party pontoon on the gold coastGold Coast Party Pontoons are custom built vessels with a 4m beam and length of 6m to 7.5m long (we have three vessels.  The size makes them much more stable and comfortable in all weather conditions.  In fact our "Luxury" and "Ultimate" vessels were designed and built for 16 and 20 people respectively, but we have licensed them for 12 so you will never feel like sardines in a floating tin!  All vessels also have have a solid insulated roof (apreciated by anyone who has been in a canvas tent on a hot summer day) and clear plastic pull down cafe blinds for added protection from spray and the wind. The inreriers are clean and comforatble with padded upholstered seats. These truly are the best party pontoons on the Gold Coast.

All of our vessels have a fully enclosed flushing toilet and change room so no more embarrassing towel change fails!  Of course, its not a party without food so each vessel is fitted with a high quality stainless stell BBQ and an oversized eski ready to store your goodies. 

The Party is on The Party Pontoon

Unlike other "Party" Pontoons that seem to be designed to shuttle you to a party at your destination, everything about Gold Coast Party Pontoons is designed to ensure the party starts when you first step onboard.  Just plug your music into our quality stereo system and the party is on.  If you do deside to disembark at one of the Broadwater's fantastic destinations, you will find easy on/off access from both ends of the craft which are fitted with smimming ladders at the stern and steps or ramp at the bow.  You can hit the beach without spilling a drop of your champaign.

You can see photos of our vessels in our gallery or give us a call if you want to inspect one in person.  Either way, you will be left with no doubt that these are the best Party Pontoons on the Gold Coast.