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What to Look For In A Gold Coast BBQ Boat Hire

Does That BBQ Boat Even Have A BBQ?

When it comes to Gold Coast BBQ Hire Boats, there are the Good, The Bad and the downright Ugly.  So what should you be asking before hiring a BBQ Boat?

Do All BBQ Hire Boats Have BBQs On Board?

One of the first things you need to know before hiring a Gold Coast BBQ Boat is, does it even have a BBQ.  It sounds insane but the fact is, there are so called BBQ Boats being hired out that don't have a BBQ!!

Gold Coast Party Pontoons have large sparkling clean stainless steel BBQs on all of our vessels.  They are very safe, solid built in BBQs made from high grade marine stainless so are easy to clean and will always be in tip top condition when you hire from us.

BBQ Boat ToiletsDo All BBQ Hire Boats Have On-Board Toilets?

Unfortunately no.  While Gold Coast Party Pontoons BBQ boats all have clean, enclosed toilets that even your mother would approve of, some operators hire out BBQ Boats that have no toilets at all.  Now if you have an all male guest list and are happy to hide behind the mangroves in the mud with the midgies and mosquitoes this might be OK although you better watch out for those mud crabs.  If you plan on bringing your family or female friends, or just want to maintain a modicum of decorum you probably want to eliminate this option and hire a BBQ boat with a toilet.  It doesn't cost any more.

Are all BBQ Hire Boats Suitable In All Weather?

Gold Coast Party Pontoon's BBQ Boats have a solid insulated ceiling, drop down clear cafe style blinds to keep out the wind and rain and are built on a wide pontooon design that makes them extremely stable in any conditions you will encounter on the Broadwater. 

Without the drop down blinds, or some other way of protecting from the weather, you will likely find that you have hired a BBQ boat but are unable to light the BBQ or keep it lit on a windy day.

Some BBQ Boats on offer have hot canvas roofs or in some cases nothing to protect you from the weather other than a garden umbrella! 

Are All BBQ Hire Boats Even Boats?

Sad to say, when you respond to an ad for a BBQ Hire Boat, what you get offered might arguably not even be a boat.  Now sitting in a plastic donut with no BBQ, no toilet and only a garden umbrella for shade can be a lot of fun.  But it might not meet your family's expectations of a day out in a BBQ boat.

Can You See The BBQ Boat Before You Hire It?

We are happy to show you over any of our boats.  An appointment is necessary of course so that we can arrange a time when the boats are not hired out.  We also have 360 degree panoramic tours of each of our boats on this website that you can look at right now.  Click here to see The DeluxeThe Luxury, The Ultimate or The Funboat,  because we want you to know exactly what you are hiring and be satisfied that when you hire a BBQ boat from Gold Coast Party Pontoons you are getting the best BBQ Hire Boats on the Gold Coast, possibly the best in Australia!